Cristiano Ronaldo Kind Person Essay

Cristiano Ronaldo: cocky to some, an inspiration to others

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Cristiano Ronaldo is a name famous enough, to sound familiar to over half the population. And if not, then let me offer you a small but precise introduction. He is arguably one of the best footballers of this present generation, if not the best. And what I like the most about him other than his style of play is his arrogance. Yup, you heard me.

I’m pretty sure I raised a few brows with my last comment, but his arrogance and his straight-forwardness is what  separates him from every other superstar. It’s a unique quality and don’t blame me for this, when I say, that’s one of the things I don’t like Messi for, his act of always being humble, even though its still quite visible, his big ego. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe he’s actually a really humble guy, but it’s just my opinion.

I guess, I have already given sufficient explanation from my part on why I personally don’t find him offending, or in other words, a ‘bully’. So, let’s get to the other point, his style of play. Ronaldo has it all from his never ending willingness to amaze people by his thrilling skills to lightening speed that helps him to get to the ball from nowhere, and then you see him dribbling past the defenders (granted, Messi is the ‘undisputed king of dribbling but Ronaldo isn’t half bad). Not to forget his long-range shooting, that gives an adrenaline rush to anybody, watching him play.

But still, here too, many will have their complaints, about him showing off his skills and tricks illogically and uselessly losing  the ball to opponents or sometimes him getting too selfish or shoot from ridiculous distances. And while doing so, I’m sure he knows that he may not succeed, and would be subject to criticism for it, but he still tries. He tries in the hope that he may succeed, and he tries not just for himself but his fans, for football and he ultimately gets his reward, more often than not.

He is truly a phenomenal player, and he’s worked out of his skin to get where he is. He’s worked the hardest and now he’s leading by example. He is an idol for all of us who watch football as a form of career, and an inspiration to all those millions and millions of football lovers around the globe.

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Ronaldo passing the ball (

Imagine playing on a field with thousands of people watching you. Can you do that without being nervous? Ronaldo has done that for many years. He was born and grew up in Portugal. Ronaldo has impressive soccer skills, encourages people to play, and he is cool.

Cristiano Ronaldo is my hero because he has soccer skills. He can get past players with tricks like scissors or three sixty. He also has good control of the ball and can dribble the ball from one goal to the other without stopping. Ronaldo can score even when there is a wall of players in front of him. He got player of the year last year because he was very good.

taking the ball (

I also like Ronaldo because he encourages me to play soccer. Although I am a goalie, I sometimes play midfield or forward. I do some of his tricks like scissors or nutmeg. The only way for me to score is if the ball is on the ground. Unlike Ronaldo, I have only scored five goals so far. I want to be as good as Ronaldo when I grow up.

Another reason Ronaldo is my hero is because he is cool. He has pine green Mercural Vapor cleats. He also has cool soccer skills like the nutmeg. It is a move when you pass the ball through the player's legs and you run around them and get the ball. He is very strong and can run without stopping. I want to be the same as Ronaldo.

nutmeg (

I want to be as good as Ronaldo when I grow up. I want to learn skillful moves and wear nice soccer shoes. If I could play on a soccer field with thousands of people watching me, I would.

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