Euro Food Case Study

By Amy B. Smoyer and Linda Kjær Minke
2015, vii + 20 pages
ISBN 978 92 890 5115 6
CHF 20.00/US$ 24.00
In developing countries: 14.00/US$ 16.80
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Food is a central component of life in correctional institutions and plays a critical role in the physical and mental health of incarcerated people and the construction of prisoners' identities and relationships. An understanding of the role of food in correctional settings and the effective management of food systems may improve outcomes for incarcerated people and help correctional administrators to maximize their health and safety. 

This report summarizes existing research on food systems in correctional settings and provides examples of food programmes in prison and remand facilities, including a case study of food-related innovation in the Danish correctional system. It offers specific conclusions for policy-makers, administrators of correctional institutions and prison-food-service professionals, and makes proposals for future research.

Europe’s top industry experts will share insights into their safety and quality projects. You’ll hear real-life case studies from leading F&B companies who you’ll be able to discuss your challenges with. There’ll also be regulatory updates from the authorities and academics at the cutting-edge of microbiological pathogen studies sharing their discoveries.

In particular you’ll learn how to:

  • Increase transparency throughout your supply and value chains so you can ensure your suppliers are compliant and provide honest labels to your consumers
  • Maintain a high level of security against food fraud and implement the best fraud and crime prevention systems
  • Reduce waste through modern packaging materials and other technological advancements soon to launch
  • Train and engage your workforce to create a company-wide safety and quality culture and minimise human error
  • Harmonise your safety and quality processes across multiple plants and production lines
  • Reduce allergen and foreign body contamination
  • Use predictive and in-line testing processes so you can predict safety and quality breaches before production starts

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